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Welcome to the travel blog of Rotary District 5580's Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team which will embark on an exciting five week goodwill / vocational exchange to Nagoya, Japan in November, 2009.

Here, our hybrid American-Canadian team of enthusiastic and adventurous young professionals, along with our lovely, talented and fearless team leader, will share cultural experiences and engage in unique vocational learning opportunities.

If you have come to this site, you are likely: a Rotarian, family member, friend or colleague of one of the team members, or... are just plain blog-curious. Either way, we encourage you to check our site often to learn about us, follow our progress as a team and of course, keep in touch as we explore Japan.

We thank Rotary in advance for the adventure of a life time and to all readers, we invite you to share our excitement and join our journey.


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GSEチーム ジャパン 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CKD and Toyota (by Rosie)

Tuesday started off with a trip to CKD Corporation – a global leader providing the best automation solutions for production processes across a wide range of industries. CKD has established many lines of product categories in automated machines including a machine that makes the pill containers found inside a box of over-the-counter medicine (exp. The pill container within a box of Sudafed.) The facility is very clean and has received two ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates. They have many sales departments all over the world including Chicago. Fumi's (GSE Chair) daughter gave us an indepth tour of CKD.

We then moved on to make our 5th presentation at the Nagoya Nishiki Rotary Club. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and some good laughs with their members and even sang Happy Birthday to the Rotary members who have birthday's in November and also to Rebecca's daughter Quinn! I would have to say we have our presentation down to a science and are now enjoying seeing the members’ reactions to it. Some of us were even asked for our autograph afterward. We really are treated like “stars” here!

The afternoon took us to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. We enjoyed a self guided tour through the Textile Machinery Pavilion where we received demonstrations on cotton spinning and metal working technologies (casting, forging and cutting) and Automobile Pavilion where we were able to view the component parts and technology transitions in automobiles. The Rotary members surprised us with a tapestry souvenir from the museum. Thank you!!!

It was a great day, enjoyed by all. We truly appreciate all of the work the GSE committee has put into our stay here in Nagoya. It is evident they spent countless hours preparing for us and words cannot express how grateful we are to all involved. Domo arigato gozaimashita!!!


  1. Well, our team from 3680 has only been home for a few days from district 2550 in Tochigi prefecture and already I miss Japan. I have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog and am sure over the next month will be lurking!!! You will experience life this month, that sometimes as I was often told, Japanese people have never experienced. The japanese people are beautiful people and the hospitality that we received from Rotarians was beyond words...I often describe it as the red carpet was rolled out on Oct 1 and was not rolled in again until October 30th....have a wonderful experience and savour each and every goes by far too quickly!

  2. Heather is correct - savor every moment! I am happy to read that you all are having a great, well-organized tour! ...well, except Ben - has he updated the blog ever?

  3. Hi! Just another shout out from District 6380 (Heather is still jet-lagged). You feel like our sister team being from the US and Ontario. It's so much fun to re-live our experiences through your blog. Gambatte!

  4. Dear Team,

    Just think of all the wonderful experiences you have had in just 1 week. I am so glad you are having a grand time and a month of being appreciated for all the work you did here to prepare for your Journey.

    Warm thoughts to you all and keep smiling.