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Welcome to the travel blog of Rotary District 5580's Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team which will embark on an exciting five week goodwill / vocational exchange to Nagoya, Japan in November, 2009.

Here, our hybrid American-Canadian team of enthusiastic and adventurous young professionals, along with our lovely, talented and fearless team leader, will share cultural experiences and engage in unique vocational learning opportunities.

If you have come to this site, you are likely: a Rotarian, family member, friend or colleague of one of the team members, or... are just plain blog-curious. Either way, we encourage you to check our site often to learn about us, follow our progress as a team and of course, keep in touch as we explore Japan.

We thank Rotary in advance for the adventure of a life time and to all readers, we invite you to share our excitement and join our journey.


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GSEチーム ジャパン 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CBC... not Canadian Broadcasting Company (by Rosie)

Our morning started off with a great vocational visit to Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Company (CBC). We enjoyed a short film about their business and a tour of their TV and radio facilities. CBC began radio broadcasting in 1951 as the first private radio broadcasting company. They have become the most reliable radio station for businesses to advertise with and have encouraged people to listen to the radio through their “More Radio in Your Life” campaign and give their listeners many opportunities to meet their radio personalities. We enjoyed a chance to pretend we were on the radio and our personalities really shined through. We even tried to convince CBC to give us a 30 minute talk program.

CBC also is the only private TV station in Nagoya that produces drama. I’ve watched the show a couple of times and I must say it’s very similar to the soaps back home. They pioneered the local TV news chow and seet a better future for children through their kids programming. They also offer digital television but have yet to make the complete switch to digital… this will happen in 2011. We also had an opportunity to be onset of the local news station.

November 11 continued (by Evonne) After another bento box lunch and our presentation at Nagoya Meihoku Rotary Club, Julie, Ben and Rosie went to the Tokugama Museam. Rebecca and I went to Sakura Hearty Care, a private facility for the elderly, owned by Rotarian Matsumae, who is also a dentist. This facility is quite expensive and there is no government support for people who could not afford it. Matsumae is planning on building a second facility right next to this one that is less expensive for residents. It was very bright and cheering and we arrived in time to participate in one of there many activities to keep "minds active." The volunteers were singing an old japanese song and dancing with the elderly people. Some people just come to the facility during the day (Adult Day Care) while others live there in very large single-person rooms. One room has a traditional cypress bath top for the patients to soak in to remind them of the homes they used to live in.

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  1. From George:

    Hi Team, I am enjoying reading about all of your exploits. I wish I could comment directly but as you know I am not able to. I was reminded today as I listened to the various Veterans Day tributes on our TV that Julie had asked me if they celebrate Remembrance Day (Canada’s Veteran’s Day) in Japan. I am curious if the do, but I think I know they do not. In any event, Julie’s Grandfather was a very important person in the Royal Canadian Legion, longest standing President (23 years I believe) and I hope you found the time to honor him today. Keep up the good work and we look forward to hearing more stories over the next several weeks.