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Welcome to the travel blog of Rotary District 5580's Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team which will embark on an exciting five week goodwill / vocational exchange to Nagoya, Japan in November, 2009.

Here, our hybrid American-Canadian team of enthusiastic and adventurous young professionals, along with our lovely, talented and fearless team leader, will share cultural experiences and engage in unique vocational learning opportunities.

If you have come to this site, you are likely: a Rotarian, family member, friend or colleague of one of the team members, or... are just plain blog-curious. Either way, we encourage you to check our site often to learn about us, follow our progress as a team and of course, keep in touch as we explore Japan.

We thank Rotary in advance for the adventure of a life time and to all readers, we invite you to share our excitement and join our journey.


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GSEチーム ジャパン 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Farewell Party (by all of us) :-)

It’s hard to summarize a month of memories.

We made a total of 14 presentations and visited 16 Rotary Clubs. We also went to the District Conference in Toyohashi. It was always interesting to see what kind of wonderful food we would be served at these meetings. The Rotary Clubs were all very friendly and welcomed us. We even got some laughs at our presentation.
We would like to share some of our favorite memories about our time with the GSE Committee:

Kanai and Harano: We spent a whole week with you shopping and sightseeing and then we finally got to see you sing and have fun with us at karaoke. You also showed us how high you could jump. Pretty impressive.

Teddy Bear: The best shopper ever. He was too tired to sing with us the first night but then showed us his singing skills on karaoke night #2.

Hide: Oh, Hide. You are hilarious. Remember the lines, “Listen to me, please tell me what you want to drink.” We laughed so hard we almost cried. And you were the only one with the drink menu.

Nishi: How will we ever survive without our own personal camera man? And we are sure we saw your lips moving to “Hey Jude.”

Kashi: We had a lot of "lost in translation" moments with you when we'd talk to you and you would just stare straight ahead and smile. We knew you didn't understand a word we said. We were treated to your singing of a Japanese song that we did not understand but had fun listening to anyway.

Alex: The most funny man ever. We will always get a good laugh every time we see a red Panasonic hairdryer and whenever we hear "Hotel California"... we will think of you.

Fumi: You’re coming home with us, right? Move over John Denver. Fumi’s version of "Take Me Home Country Road" is way better. You are the best and we love you.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip one of the best experiences we have had in our lives.
And thanks to our GSE team members who also made this trip wonderful. We will all stay friends forever.

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  1. What a wonderful picture - that one at the end, with a sea of folks surrounding you, they who ensured that your exchange was meaningful, fun, insightful, and informative. Our hats are off to them, and we welcome you home with joyful, open arms., promise us that you will help ensure that their team will have a meaningful, fun, insightful, and informative experience... WELCOME HOME!