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Welcome to the travel blog of Rotary District 5580's Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team which will embark on an exciting five week goodwill / vocational exchange to Nagoya, Japan in November, 2009.

Here, our hybrid American-Canadian team of enthusiastic and adventurous young professionals, along with our lovely, talented and fearless team leader, will share cultural experiences and engage in unique vocational learning opportunities.

If you have come to this site, you are likely: a Rotarian, family member, friend or colleague of one of the team members, or... are just plain blog-curious. Either way, we encourage you to check our site often to learn about us, follow our progress as a team and of course, keep in touch as we explore Japan.

We thank Rotary in advance for the adventure of a life time and to all readers, we invite you to share our excitement and join our journey.


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GSEチーム ジャパン 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Great Day

The last day with my host family was filled with lots of fun and adventure. After our team's visit to Nippon Steel, we presented at the Tokai City Rotary Club. The team then split up for the day for special events which our host family planned. I visited a very old home (80 years old) owned by Inoue,who is a City Counciler for the city of Tokoname. Her husband's father owned the building and had his dental office upstairs. Hte building is now used as a neighborhood bar and coffee shop. It is very narrow but extremely long with gardens separating various rooms.

We next went to one of many pottery shops in Tokoname, a very famous town for pottery makers. I received a quick lesson and then was turned loose to make my own bowl. My teacher had to do a little repair but I did get a nice bowl finished. It takes a month to fully finish the bowl so I will have it mailed to me after I get home.

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